Hi! I’m Madalina, a London based Illustrator & Concept Artist with a background in fine art and graphic design.
I’ve been drawing my whole life, and been a professional since 2013. Even though my career is largely illustration and concept art based, I am also passionate about many other creative endeavours like animation, games, films, photography, and designSome of the companies I’ve worked with are: Ford, Focal Press, Ethan K, Harrods, Bisqit, Alton Towers, Santoro.
I’m highly adaptable, dedicated and feel as comfortable with traditional techniques as I do with digital ones. I also love developing my skillset, trying new things and learning new software, which I believe keeps my ideas fresh and continually helps me grow as an artist. Basically, if I don’t know it, I'll want to learn it.
Contact: artofmada@gmail.com